Public Relations Campaign Plan

PR Campaign Plan

WISU Radio

Chelsey Bough

Jonathan Faust

Breanna Gipson

Cain Grocox

Dijonnae Morgan

Joshua Pendleton

Evan Shortridge

Casey Smith







Internal Markets

  1. WISU clients
  2. ISU students
  3. Board members
  4. Staff
  5. Advisors/committees
  6. Vendors
  7. Volunteers

External Markets, Current and Potential

  1. Members of the community in Terre Haute, IN
    • Families and individuals seeking reliability from your organization
    • Women
    • Men
    • Elderly
    • Students
    • Children
  1. Alumni
  1. Business and economic community including:
    • Employers
    • Campus organizations
    • Faculty/Staff
  2. Community service leaders and organizations
  3. Political markets including legislators, mayor and civic officials
  4. Neighbors – businesses, homes in the immediate geographic location
  5. News Media Outlets- Newspaper, TV


Increase enrollment and heighten public awareness for WISU



Utilize proven communications tools to effectively reach the target audiences.

Tactics: Staff Recognition

Recognize and reinforce staff recognition of the important role each member plays in the public image of WISU

  • Promote staff via email, social media, website
  • Assist staff in preparing for appearances at sports games, campus events and remote locations
  • Develop and present award certificates and prizes to client, volunteer and staff winners.

Special Event

WISU will have random giveaways throughout frequently for the audience to interact with a chance at many tangible items including tickets and apparel by visiting the table in the commons. Prizes were given out through physical interaction by following us on social media or performing a random task for us (ex. Dancing)

Performance Measures

Increased awareness and heightened support and enthusiasm for WISU by taking survey results on general knowledge of awareness on station as well as where they listen, how long they listen and what exactly they want to listen to.



  • Fliers- strategic locations such as freshman buildings, commons, and academic buildings.
  • Website- general information on organization, various promos, calendar of events
  • Radio Promos + PSAs – Free and effective
  • Statesman Newspaper- Increasing campus awareness through school paper
  • Descriptive Brochures- social media, email for station news, general information and upcoming events at WISU


Assisting Staff in Promoting Goodwill for the Organization


Increase visibility; enlist active support for WISU as a valuable community resource.


Recognize the importance of the public relations role of each staff member in promoting WISU.


Assist staff as follows:

  • Provide information sources to staff
  • Invite staff participation in public relations activities
  • Obtain free publicity on staff accomplishments via news releases, news pictures, radio/television appearances and interview opportunities
  • Hold promotional brainstorming sessions with staff
  • Encourage staff to engage in community service activities and campus events
  • Help construct recorded promos with the staff

Performance Measures:

Increased enrollment, heightened support and enthusiasm for WISU


Generating Strong Business Community Ties

Provide appropriate tools for identifying and targeting business and industry partners.

Establish and maintain updated working file of decision makers in the business community.

Network with:

  1. Community business organizations
  2. Personal business contacts
  3. Campus organizations
  4. Alumni

Suggest ways for members of staff to personally network with business.

Provide appropriate exposure of partnerships, appearances and speaking opportunities generated by network participation through the news media.

Performance Measures

Strengthen current and develop new business relationships, raising awareness, bringing new revenue potential, increasing volunteer base and positioning the organization as a leader in Wabash Valley radio.

 Strengthening and Developing Relationships


Increasing student and faculty awareness and listening audience for WISU by building relationships with the audience and constructing brand loyalty


Work to increase awareness of WISU, its role and contribution to the community of Terre Haute with business and industry, along with Indiana State University’s student and faculty population.


Continue to develop materials to inform students, faculty, and employees of WISU’s products/services.

Prepare quarterly impact materials to update students, faculty and employees of ISU of WISU’s activities.

Designate and work with students and faculty along with the community to communicate needs to President Bradley, the Dean of Arts/ Sciences, and others with periodic visits to ensure continued support.

Work with students and faculty, school boards and other relationships by inviting key representative to tour the studio, visit with clients and inform them of WISU’s products/services

Work with staff to identify specific organizational needs and encourage business to make equipment and/or financial donations to WISU

Build and maintain a listening audience of not only the students and faculty, but also of the community of Terre Haute

Keep the public informed about WISU and its successful track record

Schedule, coordinate events with the faculty and students at ISU by producing and distributing press releases to The Statesmen of events

Performance Measures:

Increased awareness translating to continuation of programs and service to the community and school

New Media Relations




To increase publicity, student awareness, and listeners for the WISU radio station.




We will be teaming up with WISU to increase awareness by using the student newspaper, television station, webpage, and advertisements to develop good media relations as follows:




  • write and distribute a press kit and press release for the Indiana Statesman
  • feed ideas to the editors
  • provide materials for publication



  • write and distribute a press kit and press release for the ISU Broadcast Station
  • book appearances/interviews
  • work with the editors on ideas for special features
  • provide materials for publication


  • write and distribute a press kit and press release for the ISU webpage
  • Promote social media


  • play the station’s music in high traffic areas
  • place flyers in high traffic areas
  • set up a table in the commons promoting the station

Performance Measures:


Increased publicity and student awareness of the station resulting in an increased amount of



Social Media


Increase audience size and interaction with the various social media accounts of WISU including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Strategy:  Jonathan Faust, the promotions director at WISU, will act as the social media coordinator for WISU to strengthen brand loyalty and build better relationships


  • Coordinate giveaways through the social media channels
  • Produce various forms of promos specifically for each channel
  • Relay information about the organization
  • Update events locations and times for general knowledge

Performance Measures:

Increased exposure results in more interaction of the audience, which conclusively increases feedback, interaction of the channels and overall awareness of the organization. Results are taken before and after the campaign to determine the progress of the social media audience through follows on twitter and likes on Facebook.



Increase enrollment and awareness of WISU among target publics


Develop appropriate advertising budgets and materials, research opportunities and place ads in media which fit the target markets as required for WISU


  • Budget and place buys for TV and print advertisements
  • Maintain the organization’s website for general knowledge
  • Script, film, supervise production of video advertisements
  • Create and produce advertisement flyers to post around campus
  • Script and distribute broadcast PSAs and promos for on air play
  • Produce targeted messages for social media advertising

Performance Measures:

Increased exposure to target audiences resulting in increased awareness possible business relationships


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