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WISU Awareness Campaign


Terre Haute IN, November 14,2013  – Love music? Love giveaways? 89.7 WISU will be holding an awareness campaign in the commons of Indiana State University, where they will station a table for students on December 5th and 6th from 1-4pm both days. Fun items will be up for grabs for those who participate in various activities at the WISU table. The table will be located on the south entrance next to the Mein Bowl.


With WISU’s attempt in rebranding, they will be setting up this table as an attempt for the school to increase listeners and to inform everyone of the campus radio station. AJ Patiag, the Music Director at WISU stated, “Not many people are awareness of WISU, but with all the new changes, it’s hard not to.” Recently, WISU has changed music format, where they converted from only rock and rap to many more genres in attempt to appeal to different varieties of musical taste.


If interested in learning more about 89.7 WISU or the event that is taking place, you can call the station directly at 237-8639 or by visiting There, you will find information about the staff, upcoming events, and more about what WISU can offer.


WISU is the campus radio station at Indiana State University, founded in April of 1964. WISU offers students jobs with experience with sports, news or even being a DJ. With increasing involvement within the station, this will give WISU a higher prestige for upcoming students and get them involved whether listening to the station more frequently or interacting with sports or other interests at the station.


Media Relations Contact Information:

Jon Faust

Dresier Hall 222




Jon Faust


89.7 WISU

Dreiser Hall 222



WISU Radio

Fact Sheet

HISTORY OF ORGANIZATION                                       

WISU has been the campus radio station of since April 1, 1969 when they first broadcasted.

They offer jobs to students and often have giveaways to listeners for tickets or items.

WISU broadcasts 13,500 on 89.7 MHz which reaches out to the Wabash Valley and beyond.




WISU has a vision of being able to be a superior station with Terre Haute.

With future plans of interacting with local business to trade tangible items for ad space, WISU

will be a well known name throughout not just Indiana State but the community of Terre

Haute as well. Also, the concept of campus radio station will become bigger and more valuable

as ISU continues to expand.



The main purpose of WISU is to give enjoyment to the listeners through their music. They

attempt to cover all different popular genres of music so students will listen often. Besides the

music aspect, the station will also be informational about campus events and news for

students to stay updated with.






WISU’s main and current goal is to increase awareness within the Terre Haute community and

Indiana State University. Long term goals consist of interacting with businesses for profit,

station expansion and increase in student staff.



With WISU as a campus station, it can offer a great deal of benefits to students and campus

organizations. Information can be broadcasted easily about different events or news and can

be reached quickly and efficiently. WISU hires new student employees every semester where

students can gain valuable experience from being an on-air DJ and expanding social skills to

being a director where students can put their thoughts and ideas within the organization.



November  2014



HELP raise awareness for WISU radio station

Come support WISU!!!

Thursday & Friday from 1pm-4pm in the Commons.

Come Out and show your support!!!

Great give a ways, music, and treats … See you there!

LIKE us on Facebook and FOLLOW us on Twitter: @WISUFM




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