Code of Ethics

Jon Faust’s Code of Ethics

1218 S 9th Street § Terre Haute, IN § 317.797.0241







This document explains my ethical commitment to myself and to the organization I may be employed, demonstrating values I have lived by with good morals. I expect any organization to meet these standards as well to promote a positive work environment. There are seven  key terms that I have listed below that reveal what my ethical concepts are and what I expect from the organization as well.







Trustworthiness: honesty and reliability

  • Trustworthiness will be practiced within the organization and to the public, no spin
  • Confidential information of a consumer or employee to the company, will not be used for personal advantage

Respect: acceptance and courtesy

  • Respect will always be shown to the organization’s employees, shareholders, and consumers
  • Respect will be practiced regularly in the work environment

Serenity: calmness and peacefulness

  • A peaceful work environment will be promoted to keep the active minds comfortable in the work atmosphere
  • A calm environment where employees can collect their thoughts and relax during breaks

Optimism: hopeful and confident

  • Employees will have a strong work ethic and refuse to give up what they are working on as they look on the brighter side of things
  • The company will promote a positive atmosphere to allow the workers to have a happy work life and positive mood

Professionalism: Promote strong work ethic and professional setting

  • Comfortable and organized professional setting in organization
  • Produce positive social norms that accommodate to the work environment

Motivated: Strong work ethic and goal oriented

  • Company goals clear and understanding towards higher achievement
  • Motivated to succeed and encouraging incredible performance throughout the organization

Creative: Encourage vivid, playful and vivacious ideas

  • Allow no idea to be deemed irrelevant before considering all outcomes








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