Former Assistant of Gaga’s to Publish Book About Her Experience

Lady Gaga is facing an unusual dilemma in the future when former assistant, Jennifer O’Neill, is expected to publish a book that shares her experiences with the superstar during their time together on Gaga’s Monster Ball tour. O’Neill had been her assistant from 2009-2011 where she made $50,000 the first year and $75,000 the following but feels she wasn’t paid for what she was worth. O’Neill recently signed with Atria books where the book could end up being worth $1 million about her time with the 5 time Grammy winner.

O’Neill had already sued Gaga for nearly $400,000 in overtime pay she was never compensated for in 2011 after their experience. During the court case, stories O’Neill had shared included, staying in bed with Gaga because she didn’t like sleeping alone and also swapping DVD’s in the middle of the night whenever Gaga demanded. Gaga didn’t have any nice words about her former assistant, including, calling her a “hood rat” and stating she was being sued for money that O’Neill didn’t deserve.

Lady Gaga has a unique appearance and personality that would make this book interesting to read. The title and publication date of the book have not yet been announced, but one can only wonder what stories will unfold.


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