The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air suprises Scotland

Numerous artists have become increasingly popular in electronic dance music and nothing excites a crowd more than being surprised by a big name. Calvin Harris went home for Scotland’s “T in The Park” where he headlined day 2 of the festival and who better to introduce him then Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will Smith?  Before introducing the superstar DJ and producer, Smith told the audience that he had talked with Calvin, telling him he had two weeks free and wanted an experience. So Calvin invited him to Scotland to show him an incredible opportunity as a headliner of the festival, where thousands were surprised by the cameo appearance and danced the night away with Will Smith.

Harris and Smith have become close as the future co-workers, along with the help from Jay-Z, are in the works of their new HBO comedy series, Higher. The EDM inspired show will relate to dance culture and the start of a DJ and how he transitions into being a superstar, but the show is still in the works of being completed.

We’ve seen Will Smith in TV shows, movies and heard his music, but perhaps we’ll see Will get into the EDM scene after that awesome experience Calvin was able to provide.




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