Alesso Announces New Record Label

Swedish DJ and producer, Alesso, has announced via social media “a new era” of himself after signing with renown record label Def Jam Records. To compliment the new milestone, he has officially debuted his first track since doing so, titled “Tear the Roof Up”. The track used as a favorite in many of his sets, including Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, has set the tone for many, as to what they will be expect in the future. The nearly seven minute track contains several builds and drops that has set a high standard for not only himself but also EDM in general.   

The 23 year old, Grammy nominated superstar, is the second EDM artist to sign with Def Jam along with big name, Afrojack. Playing recently at Ultra in Croatia, Alesso’s set as been named one of the favorites from the festival not only from the attendees, but from those watching online. This is only the tip of the iceberg for Alesso, as this will boost his recognition and popularity within the EDM scene with what big plans he has in store for the future.



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