A Public Relations Experience


What seems like forever has finally came to an end within my public relations course. Although the blogs became tedious, I enjoyed the class throughout with all of the informational assignments that I individually developed like press releases for instance.

Coming to Indiana State, I was an electronic media concentration within my communications major. Throughout my life I had chosen radio as my specialty and I still work in the electronic media field at Indiana State’s radio station, WISU. Before my senior year started, I had switched my concentration over to public relations because of the fact that I wanted to build a more personal relationships with my clients and audience rather than communicating to them through one way communication radio waves. Coincidentally, I became the promotions director at WISU where I heavily used PR on social media or within business organizations to form relationships with the organization.

Public Relations is used heavily throughout the world and many tips have been picked up through this course for my future reference. The three most important things I had learned from Ms. Mullen is as follows:

1.) Be Honest- Forming a personal relationship with anyone in the world must contain honesty for it to be positive. Online messages must also be honest to positively influence the public about your organization.

2.) Short, Direct- With retention rates falling as twitter messages are 160 characters, people don’t want to read stories. Instead, tell them your ultimate point and keep it short to prevent your message from only being half read. Also, don’t sugar coat the message, remove unnecessary words.

3.) Grammar- The quickest way to get your message skipped is if there is an error in your message. Not only that, but it also shows your organization’s lack of professionalism. Take the extra time to perfect your message.

After taking this public relations course, it has given me knowledge and experience not only through lectures in the classroom but most importantly through a hands on approach. I come to believe that experiencing it, rather than learning about it has a more influential approach towards wanting to learn or becoming more familiar faster. I had knowledge prior to taking the class about social media through a promotions class and it’s interesting looking at PR through a communications point of view instead of a marketing POV. I can’t wait to see where public relations takes me in the future, this is just the beginning of the journey.

Photo Credit- Noemi Pollack, http://www.pollackblog.com


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