Boston Bombing Crisis Communication



The Boston Bombing is the most recent tragedy in America to this date. With communication and technology evolving with time, we can examine how crisis communication acted in the midst the tragedy. In the event of the Boston Bombing, cell phone towers offline and service was nonexistent in Boston because the trigger to the bomb was known to have been a cell phone. A separate line was made for victims so they could get in contact with their worried families.

On the social media side, companies were urged to become invisible for the day so communication would not be so cluttered in between the various posts of horror and fear in the tragedy. Also on the social media side, videos of the bombing were uploaded within an hour of the bombing to take place. Social media had been highly active of the bombing and the most popular hash tag #PrayforBoston was trending all over all the popular sites.

It’s amazing how with the evolution of technology, we are also able to high evolve communication within the world. Without social media, news would not spread as quickly to those who do not watch the news regularly. A faster communication process means a problem can be solved quickly whether through contacting a loved one such as this to beginning campaigns within a company to help benefit the victims. A faster acting world isn’t a bad thing when it comes to a tragedy such as this.

Photo Credit-FOX


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