A Vivid Picture


Jose Galvez is a photographer born in Arizona that enjoys traveling from Mexican community to another and record images of their cultural. Galvez specializes in black and white photography because “color distracts the meaning of the picture”. He thinks if people are too busy analyzing the colors, that they won’t focus on the true meaning of the picture, or the 1000 words it’s to depict in a sense. His style requires him to be on the streets, where he keeps his eyes open for a picture moment and never hesitates when he does. An interesting note on Galvez, is that he carries two cameras with him only because if he needed to change lens he could do it quicker than switching cameras.

Galvez spoke Spanish as a kid at home but was punished when at school if he spoke anything other than English. He was a natural entrepreneur where he sold newspapers and shined shoes at a young age. In high school, he took photography where he learned it was an incredible passion for him. He then pursued photo journalism in college and wanted to become a photographer or reporter. Galvez then moved to LA because it intrigued him greatly out on the west coast. He worked a photo shop there, married and had his first child in LA.

An interesting story Galvez shared was about his time in Philadelphia where he was driving and came across a newlywed couple. He asked to take their photo and the man said yes while the woman didn’t respond. After the picture was taken he got their names for identification in the photo. The woman approached him and wanted her name to not be used. She wanted the paper itself and not just her name scratched out but Galvez was unable to because it carried other names of people. He crossed it out and had a feeling it would come back to him. She never said yes or no to her name being used so he was unsure if he was still able to use it. 

A great guy and photographer, Galvez’s style of photography captivates me because of the black and white photos. When looking at them, it’s as if they really do tell a story in a community such as the ones he focuses on. Without color, you are in fact able to focus more on the clear picture and not distracted by the numerous colors your eyes are attempting to focus on. I suggest checking out his photography, truly a great artist.


Picture Credit: http://news.ncdcr.gov





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