Interview with a Social Media Specialist


Ishaan Vadhera is a social media manager at Your Brand Voice Inc. where he handles numerous accounts for clients of the company including golf courses, hotels, and clubs. he works with a staff of close to ten people where they all handle accounts and work in fast paced environment. Ishaan works out of Orlando and has been a good friend of mine since my freshman year and we have developed a personal relationship that exceeds others. Ishaan is currently involved in the Graphic Design Association where graphic imaging tricks are learned and Creative Mornings, where adults collaborate ideas on graphic imaging.

Ishaan walked me through a typical day/week in the office where first him and his team huddle together and find out whats hurting them most, what they need to focus on. Ishaan begins the day with connecting with clients with mass emails, personally ask clients feedback about their experience with the corresponding company, retrieve event information from clients, and create buzzes for and manage numerous accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

During our Facetime interview, Ishaan explained how important technology and writing were important in his field. He explained how social media is constantly dynamic, and the rate of speed it’s going provides no knowledge for what will happen in the future, studies prior become irrelevant. He stated how important grammar was on social media and how not only does it represent yourself and getting your message off clear, but it’s also a way to promote. When your grammar is perfect, social media will push your messages through, making them more frequent because it does not recognize the content as spam. He explained how PR has changed where people do not have the retention rate to read a press release when the same information can be compressed into a simple tweet, making it easier to see and perhaps respond to. What makes a PR professional good in Ishaan’s job relies on a number of factors including monitoring your own social media presence, consistency in be active, studying analytics and seeing who is where and lastly lots and lots of research that provides you knew subjects, topics, events or other things relevant to his clients. Lastly, I asked Ishaan what makes someone good in his field and asked about their most recent intern and what makes him special. He proceeded to tell me that being able to drive your own schedule, work on your clock rather than being told whats next, fit into the company’s goals and being able to provide a solid building structure can benefit you in social media PR.



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